Our Beers

Currently, Gillette Brewing Company has the following beers on tap:

Phil liked the lighter beer, so we made a pilsner.  It’s lightly hopped with classic American hops, a bit of rye for a crisp flavor and a mild, sweet finish.

Our own version of the American Brown Ale.  Our brown has a smooth character, hints of chocolate, warm nutty flavor with hints of dark fruit and vanilla.

This ale has hints of tropical fruit and citrus flavors along with subtle yeast flavors and aroma.

This copper colored ale imparts herbal and citrus flavors while maintaining the intense hop attributes of bitterness and flavor.

This gluten free ale is borne of blue agave, sorghum & honey.  It goes down sweet & smooth with mouth feel that reminds you this is a beer, not a mere strong cider.

In honor of campfires & the outdoor, this porter is for nights in the mountains.  This porter is smoky with malt sweetness, dark roasted coffee & a touch of dark chocolate.

More beers will be added to our line-up very soon including:

Continue to check back for more information!